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Stained Glass - Repair & Conservation

The repair & conservation of stained glass is a complex subject; a specialist firm will often need to be consulted. There are usually at least three aspects:
removal of corrosion
repair of fragile or eroded glass
cleaning & delicate repair
Cleaning the glass is a hotly-debated subject: the 'patina of age' can often dramatically affect the appearance of the glass, and it can be preferable to leave the glass uncleaned. For most glass, a simple wash wit h clean water is all that is appropriate; anything stronger can permanently damage the glass. If the glass has any loose paint or enamel, it should be left to a specialist conservator.

St Mary's Church 

The existing lead 'cames' (the 'H' section strips of lead holding the glass in place) had deteriorated to such an extent that the windows had to be completely removed and reassembled with new lead, in the workshops of Chapel Studios. Note the copper strips which are soldered to the lead cames, and which are used to secure the lead to the supporting ironwork.

St Mark's Church

The east window of this church is formed of three lights filled with memorial glass. The glass was recently cleaned and checked for distortion and deterioration.

St Martin's Church

Originally filled with clear glass, which was replaced with stained glass. The replacement glass was obtained from the London Stained Glass Repository, where it was in store, having been removed form another Victorian church. The three panels fitted remarkably well into the existing stone tracery. The right hand panel is St Andrew, which was particularly suitable as the adjoining chapel of this church was named after this saint.

Domestic Extension 
An example of how stained glass form a salvage centre can be reused in a domestic situation.